Dr Mike Cioppa is a *** artist

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Dr Mike Cioppa advertises self help and motivational workshops for small business owners and key employees.His scam is that he will contact local buisnesses and offer them opportunities to sponsor the workshop for a fee.

The get to set up tables and market their services to attendees. He collects money in advance and them cancels the workshops. Several complaints also listed on rip-off report.

Apparently he does this nationwide. He claims to have co-athored a book w/ Steven Covey.

Claims to live in the Albany schendectady NY area.

Telepne calls and emails are not answered.police reprot filed.

Review about: Employee Success University.


New York, United States #884037

October 2014: Michael Cioppa from Albany NY is back again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTSEv3XEQ_c#t=22

DO NOT call 877-278-2808 He uses toll free numbers so he can see the phone number that you're calling from then sells your phone number to other scammers.

BEWARE! He's a convicted ***-man.

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He's back!!!Now scammer Mike Cioppa is known as Michael Cardinelli.

Cioppa is seen in the photo on MichaelCardinelli.com with his head turned sideways my guess is to deceive??? In any event you best beware.

He is at it again.I wonder why local authorities have not thrown this guy back in jail for fraud???


December 2013

After he failed with imguerrilas.com and left a string of dissatisfied clients Mike Cioppa is now trying to make a comeback with:




He has also changed his email address from mike@localbusinessmarketingexpert.com to magicmikemarketing@gmail.com - this is probably for the purposes of PayPal since they closed his previous account.


These scams are ongoing and everlasting so to speak ... http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/847900-magic-mike-im-guerillas-elite-continuation-2.html#post8632429

He is now banned on the WF but beware of this man. (octobre 2013)


Who IS HE and IS HE really brutally honest (why even say that?)

IS HE DR MICHAEL CIOPPA OR MIKE BRANDINO OR JAMIE RINKELSEN ...ALL IN NEW YORK????????? 22 Keeler Drive, Albany, NY 12208, United States


to Anonymous Kingston, New York, United States #838172

I saw online he is no longer at Keeler Drive. This website lists:

12 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY, 12205




Corning, New York, United States #703332

Michael "Magic Mike" Cioppa from Albany is now doing this scam: doccrusher.com

to Margaret #722968

I found him using the handle botmanvideos on you tube.This guy is a pathetic loser!

Based on the videos his life is in the crapper and he expects other people to pay him so he can lend advice.

WTF...Get real man.

Newburgh, New York, United States #637095

Search Youtube for Jamie Rinkelsen & MikeBrandino (one word). He also operates under those alias for his latest scams.


He is an ex-convict - not a doctor


I was ripped off as well by Mike in the amount of $147...please keep me in the loop or if I can be of any assistance in regards to bringing Mike to Justice: andy "at" AndyG.com


Just curious if anything was ever done to this person, he also went under the name Mike Brandino and scammed me in a different way.I did some work for one of his businesses but I did not get paid.

Similar to the reports about Mike Cioppa he did not return any emails or phone calls after a period of time, basically once payment was due to me. If you look at whois information for resultsfirstonlinemarketing.com you will see the name Michael Brandino at 22 Keeler Dr. in Albany, NY.

Whois information for localbusinessmarketingexpert.com shows Michael Cioppa at the same address.He owes me at least $500.00, if there is anything that can be done to locate and prosecute this individual I will be happy to assist.


Mike stole $147 from me as well in a similar fashion to what has already been cited here. Hope the word gets out about this fake.


He conned us for $147.00 too.He was promising us a display at a local workshop, and we were going to be the only awards company presented.

Then the event was cancelled due to "health" concerns. I sent a certified letter which was returned and not picked-up. I have e-mailed him with no reply.

It seems as if he is thief and a liar.

I wonder how many others have trusted him?


Same experience as the others. I filed a complaint with NY AG office and they cannot find him. Case dropped.


We have a cancelled check for 147.00 dated 3/6/09 from this ***-artist for a conference that never existed.

I can't figure out why he is not behind bars. I will participate in any ivestigation that would put this guy in jail.

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